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Measurement and Technology Workgroup


The Measurement and Technology Workgroup researches, studies, evaluates, and/or assesses issues of concern to the environmental laboratory testing community and will make recommendations to the entire Board for action consistent with ELAB's Charter, as appropriate. Workgroups are utilized to assist the Board in dealing with an array of matters under discussion and distribute the workload in information gathering for the Boards consideration.  Examples of discussion topics include; the performance approach; adequacy and applicability of existing methodology's; development of areas for method development; peer review of new or proposed changes to methods; management of volunteer laboratories for method validation/verification; proper and appropriate use and application of detection and quantification models (e.g., MDL, PQL) at all levels of government; review of relevance and adequacy of holding times in environmental analyses; adequacy of response to Homeland Security requirements; indices of acceptable environmental measurement methodology's; and existence of a quality management plan potentially applicable to all programs.

Workgroup Members:

John Phillips
Richard Burrows
Sylvia (Silky) Labie
Mahesh Pujari
James (Jim) Seiber
Dallas Wait

Workgroup Minutes:

Attached below are the most recent minutes of the workgroup with older files available in the Archives. The files within this section are in no way considered approved or final products of the Board.


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