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About ELAB:

In 1995, ELAB was initially solely established to solicit consensus advice from the environmental laboratory community on the formation of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) process and standards.  Since then, ELAB’s Charter has been expanded to now provide consensus advice, information, and recommendations to the Forum on Environmental Measurements (FEM), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Science Advisor, and EPA’s Administrator on issues related to:

  • Enhancing the EPA’s measurement programs in areas such as:
    • Validating and disseminating methods for sample collection and for biological, chemical, radiological, and toxicological analysis;
    • Developing scientifically rigorous, statistically sound, and representative measurements;
    • Employing the performance paradigm in environmental monitoring and regulatory programs;
    • Improving communications and outreach between the EPA and its stakeholder communities; and
    • Employing a quality systems approach that ensures that the data gathered and used by the Agency are of known and documented quality.
  • Facilitating the operation and expansion of a national environmental accreditation program.  In this regard, ELAB will provide advice and recommendations to EPA on issues that impact the non-governmental community that are related to:
    • The operation and expansion of a national environmental accreditation program characterized by an acceptance of the program by all states and suitable for accrediting environmental laboratories or entities of all sizes and types; and
    • Steps that need to be taken in order to facilitate the further implementation of the performance paradigm in the nation’s environmental monitoring and accreditation programs.

Who We Are

ELAB is composed of approximately 15 members who are representative of the stakeholder community. Members are selected who have relevant backgrounds and expertise and may include individuals from: trade associations for the environmental laboratory industry, trade associations from EPA's regulated community; environmental public interest groups; academia; federal, local, and tribal governments; and laboratory assessment bodies. All ELAB meetings are open to the public and any interested persons may attend at any time.

ELAB's Charter (PDF) (4 pp, 30K)



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