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Endocrine Disruptor Methods Validation Advisory Committee (EDMVAC)

August 2, 2005 Teleconference


PDF File [2pp., 42K, About PDF] HTML File [18KB]

Federal Register Notices Announcing Meeting | Copy for Public Comment

Endocrine Disruptor Methods Validation Advisory Committee (EDMVAC); Notice of Public Meeting Exit Disclaimer[PDF file, 3pp., 63KB, About PDF]

Background Documents and Corresponding Presentation(s)

15-Day Intact Adult Male Rat Assay

Introduction [PDF file, 3pp., 12KB, About PDF]

Presentation: The 15-Day Intact Adult Male Assay as an Alternative Tier I Screening Assay for Detecting Endocrine Active Compounds by Dr. John O'Connor [PPT file, 45pp., 684KB]

The Story of the 15-Day Intact Adult Male in EPA's Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program [PDF file, 3pp., 35KB, About PDF] [HTML File]

Rationale for Laboratory and Chemical Selection for 15-Day Intact Adult Male Rat Assay for Inter-Laboratory Validation [PDF file, 3pp., 70KB, About PDF]

O'Conner, John, Jon Cook, Sue M. Marty, Leonard Davis, Michael A. Kaplan, Edward Carney, 2002. "Evaluation of Tier I Screening Approaches for Detecting Endocrine-Active Compounds (EACs)." Critical Reviews in Toxicology Vol. 32(6):521-549. This article is not available electronically.

Reference List of Publications by the Lead Industrial Laboratories Developing the 15-Day Intact Adult Male Rat Assay [PDF file, 1pp., 17KB, About PDF]

Reference List of Chemicals and Laboratories that have Run the 15-Day Intact Adult Male Rat Assay Protocol [PDF file, 1pp., 8KB, About PDF]

Development of an In Vivo Battery for Identifying Endocrine Modulators in Male Sprague Dawley Rats - Protocol, Generic Example [PDF file, 9pp., 37KB, About PDF]

15-Day Tier 1 Screen of Endocrine Active Compounds Administered by Gavage to Adult Male Sprague-Dawley CD® Rats [PDF file, 237pp., 5.4MB, About PDF]

Summary Reports of Results from other Industry and Industry-Sponsored Contract Research Laboratories [PDF file, 3pp., 24KB, About PDF]

Public Comments

EDMVAC Recommendations

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary [PDF file, 23pp., 153KB, About PDF]

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