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Endocrine Disruptor Screening and Testing Advisory Committee (EDSTAC) Final Report

The EDSTAC Report was developed through a deliberative process that encouraged the development of consensus solutions to complex problems and issues related to developing an Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. The report is broken into several PDF files that can be accessed using the following links:

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more. If you need help accessing these PDF documents, please contact William Wooge at 202-564-8476 or wooge.william@epa.gov for assistance.

Table Contents [PDF, 7pp., 46KB]
Executive Summary [PDF, 19pp., 105KB]
Chapter 1: Overview [PDF, 6pp., 38KB]
Chapter 2: Background [PDF, 14pp., 85KB]
Chapter 3: Conceptual Framework and Principles [PDF,20pp., 138KB]
Chapter 4: Priority Setting [PDF, 92pp., 614KB]
Chapter 5: Screening and Testing [PDF, 95pp., 625KB]
Chapter 5 Tables 5.6 and 5.7 [PDF, 2pp., 10KB] out of date
Figure 5.1 [PDF, 1pp., 6KB] out of date
Chapter 6: Communications and Outreach [PDF, 23pp., 146KB]
Figure 6.1 [PDF, 3pp., 14KB] out of date
Chapter 7: Summary of Recommendations [PDF, 26pp., 180KB]
Figure 7.1 [PDF, 6pp., 17KB] out of date
Appendix A [PDF, 9pp., 21KB]
Appendix B [PDF, 2pp., 18KB]
Appendix C [PDF, 4pp., 28KB]
Appendix D [PDF, 3pp., 26KB]
Appendix E [PDF, 4pp., 25KB]
Appendix F [PDF, 1pp., 15KB]
Appendix G [PDF, 31pp., 272KB]
Appendix H [PDF, 5pp., 42KB]
Appendix I [PDF, 8pp., 54KB]
Appendix J [PDF, 16pp., 143KB]
Appendix K [PDF, 59pp., 420KB]
Appendix L [PDF, 58pp., 544KB]
Appendix M [PDF, 7pp., 73KB]
Appendix N [PDF, 3pp., 29KB]
Appendix O [PDF, 3pp., 32KB]
Appendix P [PDF, 6pp., 311KB]
Appendix Q [PDF, 24pp., 175KB]
Appendix R [PDF, 3pp., 32KB]
Appendix S, 1 of 5 [PDF, 6pp., 462KB]
Appendix S, 2 of 5 [PDF, 5pp., 512KB]
Appendix S, 3 of 5 [PDF, 5pp., 430KB]
Appendix S, 4 of 5 [PDF, 5pp., 353KB]
Appendix S, 5 of 5 [PDF, 7pp., 558KB]
Appendix T [PDF, 2pp., 26KB]
Appendix U [PDF, 43pp., 245KB]

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