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System Diagram

Use this graphical image to access detailed descriptions (metadata) of the available databases in the Envirofacts Warehouse. Click on a system name to access the available model and metadata for a database. Click on a system description to access the system overview.

Click on the system name to view the available data model.

Click here for narrative description of the flow chart.

PCS ModelPCS OverviewOther Service-Enabled Data ModelOther Service-Enabled Data SDWIS Model ICR Model IGMS Model RadNet Model RADINFO Model TRI Model PCS Model AFS Model LRT Model FRS Model CERCLIS Model RCRAInfo Model ICR Overview IGMS Overview SDWIS Overview PCS Overview TRI Overview AFS Overview Locational Information FRS Overview ECHO Overview CERCLIS Overview RCRAInfo Overview BR Overview BR Model Brownfields/ACRES Overview RadNet Overview Cleanups RADINFO Overview UV Index Overview SRS TSCA Overview ACRES Model

The following systems link to FRS:

Air Facility System (AFS) provides permit emissions and compliance data on air pollution point sources.

The Biennial Report is a national system that collects data on the generation, management, and minimization of hazardous waste.

Provides grantee reported data on assessment, cleanup, and redevelopment activities and accomplishments.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System provides information about Superfund (cleaning/removal of hazardous waste) sites, from discovery to their listing on the National Priorities list.

Cleanups in My Community is a mapping and listing tool that shows sites where pollution is being or has been cleaned up throughout the U.S.

Enforcement and Compliance History Online provides information about facilities' compliance and enforcement status and history.

The Facility Registry System provides facility identification information via facility linkages across several program systems.

Locational Information
Locational information for EPA-regulated facilities in Envirofacts is cultivated from many sources, including EPA federal program systems, EPA regional offices, and the states.

The Permit Compliance System provides information about facilities that discharge pollutants into the waterways.

The Radiation Information Database provides information aobut certain facilities that EPA regulates for radiation and radioactivity.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information provides information about nationwide hazardous waste handlers.

Toxics Release Inventory contains information about the annual release of toxic chemicals to the air, land, and water.

The remaining program systems in Envirofacts do not link to FRS:

Grants Information and Control System provides information used to track, award, administer, and monitor grants.

Information Collection Rule has information that was collected as part of national drinking water standards which protect public health.

Formerly, Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS), provides data from a national network of monitoring stations that collect air, precipitation, drinking water, and milk samples for analysis of radioactivity.

Safe Drinking Water Information System provides information on water system violations of EPA's drinking water regulations.

Substance Registry Services is a central registry of information about substances that are tracked/regulated by EPA.

Provides information about chemical substances and/or mixtures that are regulated by the Toxic Substances Control Act.

UV Index
The UV Index predicts the ultraviolet radiation levels on a 0-10+ scale, helping people determine appropriate sun-protective behaviors.

Other Service-Related Data:
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