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Information on air releases is contained in the Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS), a computer-based repository for information about air pollution in the United States. This information comes from source reports by various stationary sources of air pollution, such as electric power plants, steel mills, factories, and universities, and provides information about the air pollutants they produce. In AIRS, these sources are known as facilities, and the part of AIRS associated with data about sources is called the AIRS Facility Subsystem, or AFS. The information in AFS is used by the states to prepare State Implementation Plans, to track the compliance status of point sources with various regulatory programs, and to report air emissions estimates for pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act.

Envirofacts air release information specifically relates to industrial plants and their components (stacks, points, and segments). This data provides valuable information not only about the industrial facilities, but about the chemicals they introduce into your local air. There is information available on managing operating permit application and renewals. Information is also available for management of operating permit applications and renewals. You may use the Air Releases Query to retrieve selected data from the Envirofacts Database employing any combination of facility name, geographic location, and standard industrial classification.

There is a graphic model of the AIRS database and table and column information available for the technical user.

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