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EF Logo Awards

 EPA's GIS Work Group Presents 2002 Mason Hewitt Award, which recognizes GIS technical excellence that is of national significance, was presented to the World Trade Center (WTC) Response support team on May 2, 2002. The WTC geospatial support team receiving this award included EPA Region 2, EPA Office of Environmental Information, SAIC, and the New York City Department of Health.

 The EPA Gold Medal for Exceptional Service was awarded to the Window to My Environment team for "the outstanding creativity, initiative, and expertise demonstrated in this cross-Agency initiative to design, develop, and implement Window to My Environment" at the 2001 EPA National Honor Awards Ceremony on April 16, 2002.

 Excellence.Gov Award was awarded to EPA's Window to My Environment (WME) in the Envirofacts Warehouse, on January 30, 2002. This award was presented by the Federal CIO at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

 GCN Agency Excellence Award for EPA's Integrated Error Correction Process (IECP) in the Envirofacts Warehouse, presented by Government Computer News, November 2000.

 The Stockholm Challenge Awards 2000 named Envirofacts as one of the finalists in the Environment category. Final awards will be presented in Stockholm, Sweden on June 6, 2000.

 The 1999 Government Technology Leadership Award was awarded to EnviroMapper, September 1999.

 Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), awarded to EnviroMapper by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), at the 19th Annual ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, California, July 26-30, 1999.

 Federation of Government Information Processing Councils, 1999 Intergovernmental Open System Solutions (IOSS) Gold Award was awarded to EnviroMapper on June 22,1999.

 Innovations Award Program, The Harvard Ford Foundation has listed Envirofacts as one of the top 100 semifinalists, representing the top six percent of this year's 1600 applicants. Letter dated April 30, 1999.

 Best Practice Provider and E-Gov 99 Government Solutions Center Partner for E-Gov 99. The Government Solution Center will host an event where 24 government agencies, including Envirofacts, will showcase their Best-practice solutions. Letter dated April 21, 1999.

 EPA GIS Excellence Award (Mason-Hewitt Award), was awarded to EnviroMapper for its 1998 contributions, May 1999.

 GCN Agency Excellence Award, for EnviroMapper, presented by Government Computer News, October 1998.

 1998 Computerworld Smithsonian Award, recipient in the Environment, Energy & Agriculture category, for the innovative use of information technology to bring about improvement to society, June 8, 1998.

 Certificate of Excellence, presented to the Envirofacts Project Team in recognition of their nomination for the 1998 Public Service Excellence Award and their efforts to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in serving the American public, May 10, 1998

 Inducted into the 1998 Computerworld Smithsonian Innovation Collection, and awarded a gold medal by the Smithsonian Institution, April 6, 1998.

 Silver Medal for Superior Service, awarded by EPA for Agency and Government-wide leadership in presenting holistic, cross-media environmental data to the public; and demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of EPA-wide data integration, March 31, 1998.

 CIO Enterprise Value Award, presented by CIO Magazine to EPA, February 1, 1998.

 Global Information Infrastructure (GII) U.S. Awards, Government Division semifinalist, February 1998.

 1997 Government Technology Leadership Award, presented by the Government Technology Leadership Institute, December 1997.

 Top 5% Government Websites, presented by Lycos, September 1997.

 Top 50 Internet Sites, presented by Webmaster, August 1997.

 Geographic Information System (GIS) Site of the Month, presented by Harvard Design & Mapping, August 1997.

 Vice President's Hammer Awards for Reinvention Projects, presented by the National Performance Review, June 1997.

 Intergovernmental Open Systems Solutions Award, presented by the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils, May 1997.

 Webbie Award, Winner of the "Greatest Percentage of Dollars Savings", presented by FEDNet and REED Exhibition Companies, October 1996.

 GCN Agency Excellence Award, presented by Government Computer News, October 1996.

 Achievement Award for Excellence in Program Performance: Systems Development/Software Integration, presented by SAIC, October 1996.

 GCN Agency Excellence Award, presented by Government Computer News, October 1995.

 OARM Pioneer Of Reinvention Award, presented by the Assistant Administrator of Administration and Resources Management (EPA), June 1995.

 Computerworld Smithsonian Award finalist: Information, Technology and Society, Smithsonian Institute, May 1995.

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