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OpenLink provides a link of environmental information in your community via EnviroMapper. By simply adding a hyperlink in your Web page, a map image will be generated dynamically and displayed in your Web page together with other text and images. The new Open Link Wizard automates this task for you. You can also make the image interactive; when you click on it, your map will be displayed inside the EnviroMapper application.
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Why use OpenLink?
With OpenLink, you can enhance your Web pages with dynamically-generated map images without cost. Everything is accomplished through the HTTP protocol used for the World Wide Web. At the same time, you do not have to worry about something like building and maintaining a geospatial database. The advantages to using OpenLink are as follows:

How can I do it?
It's simple. Just insert the following line into your HTML document

<IMG SRC="http://iaspub.epa.gov/emfront/goemp.redirect?appl=emef&cmd=ZoomInByZip&min_x=-77.074776&max_y=38.880384&max_x=-77.031779&min_y=38.839253&selected=&spaction=map">

The following image will be displayed in your browser:


Can I make the image interactive?
Certainly. You can make your map interactive by copying the following line and inserting it into your HTML document:

<A HREF="http://iaspub.epa.gov/emfront/goemp.redirect?appl=emef&cmd=ZoomInByZip&min_x=-77.074776&max_y=38.880384&max_x=-77.031779&min_y=38.839253&selected=0111111110">


Is there a wizard available for OpenLink?

Yes, EnviroMapper's OpenLink Wizard will generate the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) line that you can use to embed a map image or the "live" EnviroMapper application into your own Web page. Once you answer a few of questions, OpenLink Wizard automatically generates the HTML line and offers you the option to test the link. You can copy that line and insert it into your own HTML document.

I cannot find what I need. Can I make a suggestion?
Yes. Use our online Contact Us form to send in comments, questions, and suggestions.

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