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This page replaces our Chemical References Index page. Click here to view a listing of chemicals that are monitored by EPA's Major Program Systems: Air (AFS), Water (PCS), Hazardous Waste (RCRIS),Superfund (CERCLIS) and Toxics Release Inventory (TRIS). Click here for a complete listing of all chemical references.

Use this form to search the full text of information offered from the EMCI Chemical References Web Pages. To search, enter a single word, several words, or a phrase below. For assistance, see the search tips provided. NOTE: This form will search only the Chemical References html pages. It does not search the entire Envirofacts Warehouse Database. Access to the database is provided through our Online Query forms.

You can conduct a search of the entire EPA Web server's HTML pages from the main search page.


By default, the search locates documents containing any one of the words entered. Use AND or "quoted phrase" to search for multiple words.


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