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EF/EMCI Logo Attribute: EMCIRN


The EMCI registry number is an internal registry number assigned to the chemical substances stored in the CHEM_SUBST table. This unique number is used as the internal identification number in EMCI. It is equal to the Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN) where the CASRN is known. Otherwise it is generated by the EMCI Data Maintenance software.

Computer-generated EMCIRNs for chemicals have "U" as the starting character; and those generated for PCS non-chemical parameters have "PCS-" as their initial characters. PCS non-chemical parameter codes are included in EMCI to provide a consistent retrieval methodology for all PCS parameters.

The EMCIRN is a unique key for the CHEM_SUBST table and a foreign key in the SYS_CHEM and SUBST_REL tables.

Definition Source:

Functional Design for the Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator, September 1994.

Properties: Mandatory Basic Varchar.

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