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Description: The unique identifier of the Tribal Entity, obtained from Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Accounting Management, FY2000 Federal Financial System (FFS) Organization Codes. This is a six-character code where the first character (alpha) represents the BIA Region, the next two numbers represent the BIA Agency or Field Office, and the final three numbers represent the reservation, trust land, or other feature. There is usually a one-to-one relationship between the ORG- CODE and the R-CODE. Acceptable values for the first alpha character include: A Great Plains G Eastern Oklahoma M Southwest B Southern Plains H Western N Navajo C Rocky Mountain J Pacific P Northwest E Alaska K Central Office S Eastern F Midwest Example: Colorado River Indian Tribes FFS code is H51603.

Envirofacts Table Name: FRS_TRIBAL_ENTITY_REF

Data Source:


Definition Source: GDSC Database Organization Guidelines (http://data.gdsc.bia.gov/usa/IND3DOG.html).

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