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Description: The name of the American Indian or Alaska Native entity associated with the feature referenced in TRIBAL_LAND_NAME. If the entity is federally recognized, the name is obtained from the current list of "Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs" published in the Federal Register (Vol. 65, No.49) March 13, 2000 Notices page 13298. See http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs to obtain this document. If the entity is not federally recogn ized, the name is obtained from other sources. There is usually a one-to-one relationship between TRIBAL_ENTITY_NAME and TRIBAL_LAND_NAME. There are, however, a few occurrences of two or more entities associated with one reservation or other unit of land. For example, both the Shoshone Tribe and the Arapahoe Tribe reside on the Wind River Reservation. There are a number of occurrences of the reverse situation, where one entity is associated with many features referenced in TRIBAL_LAND_NAME (Example: Seneca Nation of New York resides on t hree different reservations: Allegheny, Cattaraugas, and Oil Springs). For California Public Domain Allotments, TRIBAL_ENTITY_NAME is blank.

Envirofacts Table Name: FRS_TRIBAL_ENTITY_REF

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Definition Source: GDSC Database Organization Guidelines (http://data.gdsc.bia.gov/usa/IND3DOG.html).

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