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A wealth of information is available to technical users through the "back door" of Envirofacts. All the information that the Envirofacts team uses to create queries and mapping applications is available to you through Open Access, a useful feature for more technically oriented Envirofacts users. Open Access means that you can link directly to the database to write your own queries and applications. Use the information provided below to access and manipulate Envirofacts yourself.

OpenLink Wizard

Use the EnviroMapper OpenLink Wizard either to generate the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) line to embed a map image or to add the "live" EnviroMapper application to your own Web page.


EPA offers OpenLink, a feature that enables any website to dynamically embed EnviroMapper, using http protocol. With OpenLink, you can generate a map image dynamically and display it in your Web page. You can also embed a link to the EnviroMapper application.

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