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Toxics Release Inventory Side Navigational Bar Data Source Toxics Releases Query Customized Query EZ Query Form R Reports Batch Reports State Reports Toxics Release Inventory Home The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) contains information about more than 650 toxic chemicals that are being used, manufactured, treated, transported, or released into the environment. Manufacturers of these chemicals are required to report the locations and quantities of chemicals stored on-site to state and local governments. The reports are submitted to the EPA and state governments. EPA compiles this data in an on-line, publicly accessible national computerized database. Using this information, citizens, businesses, and governments can work together to protect the quality of their land, air, and water. Note that Envirofacts does not provide any safety or health information about these chemicals and compounds. You may use the Toxic Releases Query for basic facility information and chemical reports, which tabulate air emissions, surface water discharges, releases to land, underground injections, and transfers to off-site locations.

If you are a more experienced Envirofacts user and want to create a tailored query for your specific needs, use the Customized Query. Other options include the EZ Query, which allows you to focus on particular data elements, and select from a number of available predetermined views to structure your report, or the State Reports, which contain overall information about releases and transfers, a list of the top 5 chemicals released or transferred off-site for each state, and a list of the top 10 facilities that released or transferred the largest amount of chemicals off-site. Additional TRI options include Batch Reports and the TRI Form R Query. These reports provide users with alternate methods for searching for and obtaining TRI information from the Envirofacts database. There is information on related laws and regulations.Exit EPA for related laws and regulations.

For the technical user there is a graphic model of the TRI database and table and column information (metadata).

For comments, questions or suggestions, please use the Envirofacts Feedback Form.


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