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TRI Facility Siting Tool

Welcome to the TRI Facility Siting Tool. The tool combines interactive maps and aerial photography to help you get accurate latitude and longitude coordinates of your facility.

There are now three options for obtaining the latitude and longitude coordinates for your facility. Each option essentially does the same thing, offering maps and aerial photos that can be used to locate your facility. However, the two new options, "Locate by address" and "Facility selection" have the potential to begin the search at a point closer to or exactly on your facility. In most cases, an aerial map of the immediate area where the facility is located will be displayed. This should speed up the time it takes to locate your facility and obtain the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Click on the "Locate by address" option (below) to begin your search using your facility's address. Or, use (click on) the "Facility Selection" option and enter the full or partial name, TRI Facility Id or EPA Facility Id of your facility. If you don't know the address, name or Id numbers of your facility, use the "Locate by ZIP and City" option by entering the ZIP code or city/town and state. Once you've entered the search criteria for any of the options, click the "Locate" button.

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Coverage Limitations

Currently the tool provides coverage for the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Not available are American Samoa, Guam, and Mariannas Islands.

Technical Information - About the TRI Facility Siting Tool


  1. Enter your zip code or the nearest city and state and click the "Locate" button to go to interactive map of your general area.
  2. From the interactive map, use the zoom and panning controls to locate your facility. Note: The map will overlay aerial photography at the higher resolutions (zoomed-in).
  3. Once you are at the highest resolution (maximum zoom-in), use your mouse to mark the center of you facility's production area by clicking on the photo. The coordinates will be displayed on the screen for the location of your mark.
  4. The coordinates displayed are the values which should be entered in Part 1, Section 4.6 of the TRI reporting Form R or Form A.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are three options for finding my Facility. Which option should I use?
If you know the full address of the facility, use the "Locate by Address" option. This will produce an initial search map showing an aerial view of the immediate area surrounding of your facility. You should be able to easily pick out your facility. Likewise, use the "Facility Selection" option if you know either the full or partial name of your facility, TRI Facility Id or the EPA Facility Id. This option will also show you an aerial map (if available) of the immediate area where your facility is located. Both of there options should speed up the process of locating your facility. Use the "Locate by ZIP and city" option if you only know the ZIP code or city/town and state of your facility. You may have to do more navigation on the initial map(s) and "zooming in" to find your facility with this option.

Q: If I enter a partial facility name using the "Facility Selection" option what will happen?
The Siting Tool will show you a new web page that lists all the facility names, addresses and TRI Facility Ids of all the facilities having a name that contains the text you specified. Look at the list of full names, addresses and TRI Facility Ids to determine which facility you are interested in. Click on the "Select This Facility" button for the facility you want to get latitude and longitude coordinates for. You will be taken directly to an aerial photo of where the facility is located.

Q: With the two new options "Locate by Address" and "Facility Selection" will I immediately be shown (zoomed into) an aerial map of where the facility is located.
Yes. In most cases, an aerial map will be displayed.

Q: What do I do if the photo of the facility area is old and doesn't show our new buildings?
Use recognizable landmarks (existing roads, creeks, hilltops) to approximate your facility production center's proper location. The aerial photography is updated on a regular basis however photographs can be up to 10-years old.

Q: The area around my facility doesn't show on the map that comes up when I enter the Zip Code. How do I navigate to the proper locale?
A: Clicking on the small traingle-shaped arrows located on the borders of the map window will move the window in the direction desired. The initial map is approximately 3 miles wide so you may have to move before zooming in if you have entered a nearby city or have a larger Zip code area. For a wider view, Zoom out.

Q: When I zoom-in the street labels don't line up exactly with the streets on the photo. Do I use the labels or the photo to mark my facility?
A: Always use the aerial photography when placing your mark. Getting a flat map from a curved earth requires some fancy mathematics and there are slight differences in how the maps are constructed and how the photos are aligned. These differences are most apparent at the maximum zoom-in. The photo alignment is the most accurate.

Q: My city isn't on your list. How can I start?
A: Choose the nearest city or use your facility's zip code to get a starting point. Zoom-out if you need a wider area to view, then recenter on the area of your facility and zoom-in. The information you enter is simply to get you into the general area so you can more easily locate your facility.

Q: I lost my place on the map and don't recognize features.
Use the Zoom and Panning controls to re-orient yourself on the map.

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