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 National Institute of Standards and
 Technology (NIST) Advanced
 Technology Program (ATP)

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.


ATP helps industry invest in long-term, high-risk research with payoffs beyond private profit. By sharing the cost with companies, ATP accelerates the development of early-stage, innovative technologies, helping industry raise its competitive edge while providing Americans with a higher standard of living, higher paying jobs, better consumer products, improved health, greater energy efficiency, and a cleaner environment.

ATP funds high-risk research. By sharing the cost and the risk with companies when research risks are too high for the private sector to bear alone, the development of new technologies is accelerated. In addition, ATP’s merit-based, rigorous selection process ensures high quality, objectiveness, and fairness.

ATP builds partnerships by catalyzing companies, universities, research organizations, and state and local entities to collaborate creatively in the development of innovative technologies. The program encourages companies to publish and share their results and to pursue patents and licensing to give others a chance to benefit from new information that results from ATP projects.

ATP works with industry and universities to identify and promote investment in technologies with significant potential for broad-based economic benefits but inadequate levels of private investment. The program uses joint ventures and teaming arrangements to combine private investment and the best available scientific and technological talent in industry, universities, and government.

Stages on R&D Continuum: Research or Proof of Concept, Development, Demonstration, Verification, Diffusion and Utilization

EPA Goal: All media, cross media

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