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 National Oceanic and Atmospheric
 Administration (NOAA) Cooperative
 Institute for Coastal and Estuarine
 Environmental Technology (CICEET)

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.


CICEET’s mission is to support the scientific development of innovative technologies for understanding and reversing the impacts of coastal and estuarine contamination and degradation.

CICEET is a joint venture that began in 1997 between NOAA and the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The institute is located on the UNH campus in Durham, New Hampshire. Its research, which focuses on high-priority issues affecting coastal areas and estuaries, takes an interdisciplinary approach that involves academia, government, and the private sector. The institute seeks to accelerate and deepen the use of new technological approaches to coastal management issues.

Stages on R&D Continuum: Research or Proof of Concept, Development, Demonstration, Verification

EPA Goal: Ecosystems

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