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Science & Technology

Alphabetical List of Databases and Software

National Research Programs

Chemical Safety Research

Developing tools to evaluate the potential of pesticides and industrial chemicals to hurt people and wildlife.

More about the Chemical Safety  Research Program >>

Clean Air Research

Assessing the health and environmental impacts of clean air regulations. Issues include: ozone, particulate matter, and multi-pollutant approaches.

More about the Clean Air Research Program >>

Climate Change Research

Studying how global change--particularly in our climate -- affects air and water quality, ecosystems, human health, and socioeconomic systems. Providing information to decision-makers to help adapt to a changing climate.

More about the Climate Change Research Program>>

Computational Toxicology Research

Integrating innovative computing and information technologies with molecular biology to develop decision support tools for assessing chemical exposure, hazard and risk. Coordinating research on chemical screening and prioritization, informatics and systems modeling.

More about the Computational Toxicology Research Program >>

Water Research

Developing sustainable solutions to 21st century water resource problems, ensuring water quality and availability in order to protect human and ecosystem health.

More about the Water Research Program >>

Ecosystem Services Research

Investigating how to protect and restore ecosystem "services:" life-sustaining benefits we receive from nature. Examples include clean air and water, fertile soil for crop production, pollination, and flood control.

More about the Ecosystem Services Research Program >>

Homeland Security Research

Securing and sustaining water systems; characterizing contamination and determining risk; and remediating indoor and outdoor environments in the event of biological, chemical, or radiological contamination.

More about the Homeland Security Research Program >>

Human Health Research

Assessing risks to people's health from environmental pollutants. Developing biological indicators to determine how regulatory decisions affect public health.

More about the Human Health Research Program >>

Human Health Risk Assessment

Providing citizens and regulators with information about pollutants or naturally occurring compounds that are linked to respiratory illnesses, cancers, cardiac disease, birth defects, neurological impairments and other health problems.

More about the Human Health Risk Assessment Program >>

Land and Waste Management Research

Developing ways to preserve land, restore contaminated properties, and protect the public from contaminants. Issues include: contaminated sediments, groundwater contaminant transport and remediation, and mine waste technology.

More about the Land and Waste Management Research Program >>

Nanotechnology Research

Studying the unique properties of nanomaterials, determining their potential impacts, and developing approaches to evaluate any risks. Exploring how nanomaterials can be used effectively to clean up contaminants released into the environment.

More about the Nanotechnology Research Program >>


Making sustainability the next level of environmental protection by drawing on advances in science and technology, applying government regulations and policies to protect public health and welfare, and promoting green business practices.

More about the Sustainability Program >>

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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ACToR: Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource
Air Facility System
Air Quality Index (AQI)
Air Quality System (AQS)
Applicability Determination Index (ADI)
ArcHydro Exit EPA Disclaimer 
ASSESS Software
Assessment Database Software

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BEACON - Beach Advisory and Closing On-line Notification
Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS)
Biennial Reporting System (BRS)
Biogenic Emissions Inventory System (BEIS)

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES)

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Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling Software
Center for Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMoS)
Central Data Exchange (CDX)
Certification and Fuel Economy Information System (CFEIS)
CHEMFLO Software

Chemical Screening Tool for Exposures and Environmental Releases (ChemSTEER)
Clean Water State Revolving Fund National Information Management System
Clean Watersheds Needs Survey
COMPLY Software
Computational Toxicology
Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO)
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (CERCLIS)
Confidence Interval Calculation for Source Partitioning Using Stable Isotopes
Consolidated Human Activities Database (CHAD)
Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX)

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Data Element Registry Services
Data Finder
DEFT Software
Delisting Risk Assessment Software (DRAS)
DFLOW Software
Dietary Exposure Potential Model
Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List
DSSTox: Distributed Structure-Searchable Toxicity Database Network

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Ecological Structure Activity Relationships (ECOSAR)
ECOTOX Database

Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID)
Endocrine Disruptor Research Inventory (EDRI)
ENERGY STAR Software Tools
Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)
Environmental Finance
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Database
EPANET Software
EPA REACH IT - REmediation and CHaracterization Innovative Technologies
Estimation Program Interface (EPI) Software Suite
Exposure Analysis Modeling System (EXAMS)
Exposure, Fate Assessment Screening Tool (E-FAST)

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Facility Registry System (FRS)
Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE)
Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Software
FIFRA Section 18 Database
Food and Gill Exchange of Toxic Substances (FGETS) Software Model
Fuels Models

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Geo-EAS Software
GEOPACK Software
Geophysics Advisor Software
GEOS Software
Great Lakes Environmental Database (GLENDA)

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Hazards Analysis for Toxics Analysis (HATS) Software
Health Effects Notebook for Toxic Air Pollutants
Health & Environmental Research Online (HERO) database
HELP Software
High Production Volume (HPV) Voluntary Challenge Chemical List
Hotelling/Williams Test for the Difference Between Two Dependent Correlations
HPVIS: High Production Volume Information System
Human Exposure Database System
Human Exposure Model (HEM)
Hydrodynamic, Sediment, and Contaminant Transport Model (HSCTM2D)
Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF)

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IMES Software
Industrial Waste Air Model (IWAIR)
Industrial Waste Management Evaluation Model (IWEM)
Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)
Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis (IDEA)
Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model For Lead in Children (IEUBK)
Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS)
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS)
IsoConc: Concentration-Dependent Stable Isotope Mixing Model
IsoError: Confidene interval calculation for source partitioning using stable isotopes
IsoSource: Stable Isotope Mixing Model for Partitioning an Excess Number of Sources

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Landfill Air Emissions Estimation Model
LC50 (lethal Concentration, 50%) Software Model
List of Lists Database - Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
and Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Database

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MEANSIM6 Mean Similarity Analysis Software
Meteorological Data
Mobile Models
Models-3 Air Quality Modeling System
MOFAT Software
MotorMaster Exit EPA Disclaimer 
MOVES (Multi-scale Motor Vehicle & Equipment Emission System)
Multi-Chamber Concentration And Exposure Model (MCCEM)
MULTIMED Daughter Process Model
Multimedia Contaminant Fate, Transport, and Exposure Model (MMSOILS)
Multimedia Exposure Assessment Model (MULTIMED)
Multimedia Integrated Modeling System
Multimedia, Multi-pathway, Multi-receptor Exposure and Risk Assessment (3MRA)

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National Compliance Database (NCDB)
National Contaminant Occurrence Database (NCOD)
National Emissions Inventory
National Hydrography Dataset
National Listing of Fish Consumption Advisories
National Water Quality Inventory
NPS (Nonpoint Source) Modeling
Nutrient Criteria Database

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On Site:Online Assessment Tool
Online Tracking Information System (OTIS)
Oxygen Requirements of Fishes (OXYREF) Model

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PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) Database
Permit Compliance System (PCS)
Personal Emissions Calculator
PESTAN Software
Pesticide Assessment Tool for Rating Investigations of Transport (PATRIOT)
Pesticide Data Submitters List (PDSL)
Pesticide Database Descriptions
Pesticide Product Information System (PPIS)
Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS)
Pesticide Reregistration Status
Pesticide Restricted Use Products Report (RUP)
Pesticide Water Models
PRESTO Software
PRZM3 Model

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Radiation Risk Assessment Software: CAP88 PC
Radionuclide Carcinogenicity Slope Factors Software
ReduceIt Companion Software to Source Reduction Program Potential Manual
Regional Air Pollutant Inventory Development System (RAPIDS)  Exit EPA Disclaimer 
Regional Vulnerability Assessment Program (ReVa)
Registry for EPA Applications and Databases (READ)
Regulatory Air Models
Remediation Annual Status Report
Reporting on Municipal Solid Waste: A Local Issue

RETC Software
Risk Management Plans (via RTK-NET) Exit EPA Disclaimer 
River and Stream Water Quality Model (QUAL2K)

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Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)
Science Inventory
Scout Software
Section Seven Tracking System (SSTS)
Simplified Method Program - Variable Complexity Stream Toxics Model (SMPTOX3)
Source Ranking Database
STF Software
Storm Water Management Model (SWMM)
Substance Registry System (SRS)
Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring Techniques
Superfund Chemical Data Matrix (SCDM)
Superfund Information Systems
Superfund Innovative Technologies
Surf Your Watershed

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TANKS Emission Estimation Software
Terminology Reference System (TRS)
Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport in Lakes and Estuaries (SED3D)
Tier 2 Submit Software
The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE)
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)
Total Risk Integrated Methodology (TRIM) Models
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory
TRI-ME Toxics Release Inventory Made Easy Software

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Urban Airshed Model (UAM)

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Vehicle and Engine Emissions Modeling Software
Visual Plumes Model
VLEACH Software

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Wall Paint Exposure Assessment Model (WPEM)
Waste Reduction Model
Water Quality Simulation Analysis Program (WASP) Model
Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB)
WATERSHEDSS (WATER, Soil, and Hydro-Environmental Decision Support System)
WATER9 Software
Wellhead Analytic Element Model, WhAEM2000
WhAEM Software
WHPA Software
Window to My Environment (WME)

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