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2015 FRC Award Information

2014 FRC Award Winners Announced

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Participant and Endorser Information

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Sustainable Food Management Webinar Archive

EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program seeks to reduce the environmental impact of a material throughout its entire life cycle, including how it is extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, recycled, and disposed. We are conserving resources for future generations by changing the way our society protects the environment.
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The Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) is part of EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle, including how they are extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, reused, recycled, and disposed. Through the FRC, the EPA is partnering with organizations and businesses to prevent and reduce wasted food. Challenge participants save money, help communities, and protect the environment by purchasing less, donating extra food, and composting.

Learn about the benefits of joining and
how to join as a participant or endorser.

Participants have resources available to
help reduce wasted food, track data, and
achieve goals.

What You Can Do

If you are a consumer, learn more about how you can reduce wasted food too.

A Complementary Challenge U.S. Food Waste Challenge

The EPA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have joined forces in the U.S. Food Waste Challenge to raise awareness of the environmental, health and nutrition issues created by wasted food. Current and new FRC participants can join the U.S. Food Waste Challenge.

Why Join?

Be visible in your community by leading efforts to prevent and reduce wasted food. Get free technical assistance to help in planning, implementing, and tracking wasted food prevention and diversion activities. Your organization will be listed on both the EPA and USDA websites if you join both challenges!


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