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Tip 7: Sell or Donate Goods Instead of Throwing Them Out

an orange calico cat holding a box of goods to be donated to the Thrift Store a capital green letter O with a yellow cats paw printne person's trash is another person's treasure. Instead of discarding unwanted appliances, tools, or clothes, try selling or donating them. Opting for used and "irregular" items is another good way to practice source reduction. Such products are often less expensive than new or "first-quality" items, and using them will keep them from being thrown away.

yellow cats paw printDonate or resell items to thrift stores or other organizations in need. Donors sometimes receive tax deductions or even cash. These organizations typically take everything from clothes and textiles to appliances and furniture. All should be clean and of respectable quality.

yellow cats paw printSell secondhand items at fairs, bazaars, swap meets, and garage sales.

yellow cats paw printGive hand-me-down clothes to family members, neighboring families, or the needy. Consider acquiring used clothing at thrift or consignment shops. The condition of used clothing in these stores is screened: clothes are typically laundered and cannot have tears or stains.

yellow cats paw printConsider conducting a food or clothing drive to help others. Where appropriate, encourage area merchants to donate damaged goods or food items that are still edible to food banks, shelters, and other groups that care for the needy.

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