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Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN)

Related Links

  • Standardized Analytical Methods for Environmental
    EPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center’s “Standardized Analytical Methods for Environmental Restoration following Homeland Security Events” (SAM) identifies analytical methods to be used by laboratories tasked with performing analyses of environmental samples following a homeland security incident.
  • EPA’s Regional Labs’ Core Capabilities by analyte, sample media, and analytical technique (PDF) (9pp, 508k, About PDF)
    This document is a summary of EPA Regional Laboratories Core Capabilities.
  • EPA’s Homeland Security Portal
    EPA’s Homeland Security Portal assists federal, state, local, and tribal governments, emergency management officials, and the public in locating homeland security-related information within EPA.
  • Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA)
    The purpose of the WLA is to provide the drinking water sector with an integrated nationwide network of laboratories with the analytical capabilities and capacity to support monitoring and surveillance, response, and remediation of intentional and unintentional drinking water supply contamination events involving chemical, biological, and radiochemical contaminants.
  • EPA’s Quality System for Environmental Data and Technology
    The primary goal of EPA’s Quality System is to ensure that our environmental data are of sufficient quantity and quality to support the data’s intended use.


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