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ERP States Produce Results 2007 Report

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

ERP: Interlocking Tools, Integrated System

ERP States Produce Results 2007 Report (Cover).

EPA prepared the ERP States Produce Results 2007 Report (PDF) (40 pp, 1179K, About PDF) and Executive Summary (PDF) (6 pp, 438K, About PDF) to provide the first comprehensive look at ERP activities and results across several states. Readers will still find valuable this report's plain-language explanation of ERP and its summary of the results and benefits generated by the first nine completed ERPs (in six states). A companion PowerPoint presentation is also available by contacting EPA.

The Appendix to the 2007 Report (PDF) (173 pp, 96K, About PDF) provides detailed information about the underlying analysis and the varied sources of data used in the report.

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