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ERP States & Sectors

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

The following table lists "full ERPs" that have been implemented or are underway. Full ERPs utilize each of the core ERP components: compliance assistance, facility self-certification, agency site visits or inspections, and statistically based performance measurement.

Clicking on hyperlink information in the table will lead you to ERP-related webpages for that particular state, when relevant. Many of these links take you to pages outside of EPA. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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State Sector Voluntary or Mandatory Certification Environmental Media Focus of ERP State Innovation Grant Recipient?
Delaware Auto Body Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Florida Auto Repair Mandatory Multi-media  
Illinois Underground Injection Wells Voluntary Water Yes
Indiana Auto Salvage Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Louisiana Oil/Gas Extraction Facilities Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Maine Auto Body Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Maryland Auto Body/Auto Repair Voluntary Multi-media  
Massachusetts Dry Cleaners Mandatory Multi-media  
Massachusetts Photo Processors Mandatory Multi-media  
Massachusetts Printers Mandatory Multi-media  
Michigan Dry Cleaners Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Minnesota Animal Feedlots (Small Dairies) Voluntary Water Yes
Multi-State (in EPA Region 5) Auto Body Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Nevada Dry Cleaners Voluntary Multi-media Yes
New York Auto Body Mandatory Multi-media Yes
New York Printers Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Rhode Island Auto Body Voluntary Multi-media  
Rhode Island Auto Salvage Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Rhode Island Food Service Mandatory Waste Yes
Rhode Island Gas Stations Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Rhode Island Stormwater Discharges Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Vermont Gas Stations Mandatory Multi-media Yes
Virginia Gas Stations Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Washington Auto Body Voluntary Multi-media Yes
Wisconsin Printers Voluntary Multi-media Yes

Column Definitions

State. This identifies the state or group of states implementing an ERP. Typically the ERP is implemented by the environmental regulatory agency in a state, but other agencies have sometimes played a leading role in implementation (e.g., a state Department of Commerce might collaborate closely with the environmental regulatory agency to implement an ERP).

Sector. This identifies the group of facilities, such as auto body shops, that is the focus of the ERP. In some cases, the group may be defined by a common regulatory designation rather than explicitly by industrial sector (e.g., small quantity generators of hazardous waste, from multiple sectors).

Voluntary or Mandatory Certification. In ERP, a responsible official for a facility signs and submits a certification form that specifies whether or not the facility is meeting the requirements and best practices laid out by the agency. In some ERPs, the submission of self-certification forms is mandatory. In others, self-certification is voluntary. Whatever the approach chosen by states, all facilities are still expected to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

Environmental Media Focus of ERP. Many ERPs cover all or most relevant environmental requirements for a sector. "Multi-media" in this column indicates that the ERP addresses requirements and/or best practices for two or more environmental media, such as air and water. If the ERP focuses on only one medium, such as hazardous waste, that medium alone will be listed in this column.

State Innovation Grant Recipient. Since 2002, EPA has provided financial assistance to state environmental agencies through the EPA State Innovation Grant program to help them test innovative approaches to improving results in permitting programs. The State Innovation Grant program has funded the initial implementation of many ERPs.

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Where the Table's Hyperlinks Will Take You

If available, hyperlinks are provided for the "State," "Sector," and "State Innovation Grant Recipient?" columns. Clicking on hyperlink information within the table will lead you to ERP-related webpages for that particular state.

For instance, take a look at the row in the table for the Rhode Island Auto Salvage ERP. Clicking on "Rhode Island" will take you to a general ERP website run by that state. Clicking on "auto salvage" will take you to Rhode Island's specific website for its auto salvage ERP. Clicking on "Yes" under the "State Innovation Grant Recipient?" column will take you to EPA's State Innovation Grant webpage related to the auto salvage ERP.

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