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Ion Composition Elucidation (ICE)  

ICE is EASY  [PDF, 41 pp., 4 MB, About PDF]

Best viewed as a PowerPoint 2000 file  (11,500 kb) (F5 will start presentation)

"ICE is Easy" is a PowerPoint instructional video showing step-by-step entries made to determination compositions of three ions from different compounds using a Finnigan MAT 900 (or MAT 95) double focusing mass spectrometer with an ICL 10.5 data system.  All video screens and user inputs made during this process are illustrated.  This CD is available from the author for peer review.

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Analytical Environmental Chemistry
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Environmental Sciences | Office of Research & Development
 National Exposure Research Laboratory
Author: Andrew Grange
Email: grange.andrew@epa.gov

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