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Trace Organic Analysis

Emerging Issues

PPCP The occurrence of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment is of concern because of the constant perfusion of these substances into susceptible ecosystems. Although the clear effects of relatively low levels of these compounds is largely unknown, in some cases deleterious effects are assumed. For example, the presence of antibiotics in such systems is likely to cause the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
PBDPEs The world-wide discovery of significant concentrations of polybrominateddiphenylethers in fish, human milk, sediments, and other matrices has raised alarms regarding deleterious health effects in line with expected EDC and PCB-like behavior. A clear assessment of the occurrence and link to health effects is needed.
Herbicide Spray Drift Nontarget species effects due to spray drift and active transport by prevailing winds to susceptible ecosystems.

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Author: William C. Brumley

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