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Characterization and Monitoring posters

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Should you have difficulty reading any poster or require assistance to access it, wish to receive a paper copy, or want to discuss the content, please email Marion Edison at edison.marion@epa.gov or contact the author.

In addition, you may request file conversion through Adobe EPA exit disclaimer (a free service). Visit the Adobe site for more information and to download Adobe plug-ins EPA exit disclaimer.



Poster   Contact
Microbial Community Structure in a Shallow Hydrocarbon-contaminated Aquifer Associated with High Electrical Conductivity (PDF) [1 pg, 439KB]   Dale Werkema
Geoelectrical Stratigraphy and Analysis of a Hydrocarbon Impacted Aquifer (PDF) [1 pg, 435KB]   Dale Werkema
Movement of Trichloroethylene into Caliche (PDF) [1 pg, 1.5MB]   Brian Schumacher
Chemometrics Program (PDF) [1 pg, 114KB]   John Zimmerman
To Purge or Not to Purge? VOC Concentration Changes During Line Volume Purging (PDF) [1 pg, 823KB]  

John Zimmerman
Brian Schumacher

Composite Sampling for Soil VOC Analysis (PDF) [1 pg, 403KB]   John Zimmerman
Brian Schumacher


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