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Resume for Brian Schumacher

Brian A. Schumacher, Ph.D.

.    1980.  Physical Geography, State University of New York at Buffalo
M.S.    1982.  Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification, University of Georgia - Athens
Ph.D.  1985.  Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification and Soil Mineralogy, University of Georgia - Athens

Work Experience

Supervisory Physical Scientist,  Characterization and Monitoring Branch, ESD, NERL, US EPA, Las Vegas, NV, 2/27/00 to present.
Environmental Scientist,  National Exposure Research Laboratory, US EPA, Las Vegas, NV, 6/16/91 to 2/26/00.
Senior Scientist,  Soils Quality Assurance Section, Lockheed Environmental Systems Company, Las Vegas, NV, 1/4/88 to 6/15/91.
Post-Doctoral Research Associate,  Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 7/85 to 12/87.
Graduate Research Assistant,  University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 9/80 to 6/85.

Research Interests

Dr. Schumacher's primary research focus is on improving the collection of soils contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to more accurately and effectively obtain samples that best represent the extent and degree of contamination at any given hazardous waste site.  Current research projects include:

Other research areas and interests include: determination of lead and other heavy metals in soils via X-ray fluorescence spectrometry; improvement of sampling techniques in all matrices; methods development and assessment; assessment of sample holding times; examination of potential health effects of pesticide usage in young children using geographic information systems (GIS) technology; assessment of mercury cycling in estuarine systems; and the development of performance evaluation/reference materials.


Dr. Schumacher has over 45 publications with refereed journal articles appearing in the Soil Science Society of America Journal, Environmental Science & Technology, Journal of Environmental Quality, Journal of Soil Contamination, Journal of AOAC International, and Geoderma.

The Penetration of Caliche by Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids; NERL-LV 99-137.

Influence of LIP Imperfections on the Integrity of VOA Vial Sampling; NERL-LV 00-138; EPA/600/R-00/066

Phone:   (702) 798-2242
Fax:       (702) 798-2107
email:     Brian Schumacher   schumacher.brian@epa.gov

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