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Resume for John H. Zimmerman

John H. Zimmerman

Phone: (702) 798-3285
Fax: (702) 798-2107
email: zimmerman.johnh@epa.gov


M.S. In process. Water Resource Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
B.A. 1995. Chemistry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Work Experience

Research Physical Scientist, Characterization and Monitoring Branch, ESD, NERL, U.S. EPA, Las Vegas, NV, 6/30/02 to present.

Senior Chemist, Lockheed Martin Environmental Services, Las Vegas, NV, 7/98 to 6/30/02.

Senior Chemist, Lockheed Martin Environmental Services, U.S. EPA Region 9 Laboratory, Richmond, CA, 6/96 to 7/98.

Production Lab Chemist, Lockheed Martin Analytical Services, Las Vegas, NV, 10/95 to 6/96.

Research Lab Chemist, Lockheed Martin Environmental Systems & Technologies Company, Las Vegas, NV, 11/87 to 10/95.

Research Interests

Primary research focus: improving sample collection of soils and sediments. Current research projects include:

Other research areas and interests include: Provide expertise in evaluation of analytical data quality; improvement of automated systems for data auditing; and hydrologic modeling of watersheds to understand the interactions of natural and anthropogenic forces and their effects upon watersheds and water quality.


Schumacher, B. A., J. H. Zimmerman, G. Swanson, J. Elliot, and B. Hartman. Temporal Variation of VOCs in Soils from Groundwater to the Surface/Subslab. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/118, 2010. Published 10/07/10.

Schumacher, B. A., J. H. Zimmerman, J. Elliot, D. Springer, B. Hartman, and G. Swanson; Development of An Active Soil Gas Sampling Method (PDF) [178 pp, 11MB], EPA/600/R-07/076; Published July 30, 2007.

B.A. Schumacher, K.E. Snyder, M.M. Minnich, J.H. Zimmerman, and K. Al-Khafaji; Macromorphological Analysis of the Movement of Trichloroethylene into Caliche (in process).

B.A. Schumacher, M.M. Minnich, J.H. Zimmerman, J. Blasdell; Integrity of VOA-Vial Seals; EPA/600/R-00/066, September 2000.

M.M. Minnich, J.H. Zimmerman, B.A. Schumacher; Long Term Study of Volatile Organic Compound Recovery from Ampulated, Dry, Fortified Soils; The Journal of Environmental Quality 26:108-114 (1997).

M.M. Minnich, B.A. Schumacher, J.H. Zimmerman; Comparison of Soil VOCs Measured by Soil Gas, Heated Headspace, and Methanol Extraction Techniques; The Journal of Soil Contamination 6(2):187-203 (1997).

M.M. Minnich, J.H. Zimmerman, B.A. Schumacher; Preparation and Analysis of Dry, VOC-Fortified Soils, Volatile Organic Compounds in the Environment, ASTM STP 1261, W. Wang, J. Schnoor, and J. Doi, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials, 1996, pp. 156-169.

M.M. Minnich, J.H. Zimmerman; Extraction Methods of Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds from Fortified Dry Soils; Journal of AOAC International 79(5):1198-1204 (1996).


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