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XRF Technology Demonstration Kennedy Space Center, Florida January 24 - 28, 2005

Overview of the Demonstration
The field demonstration of innovative XRF technologies to measure trace elements in soil and sediment began on January 24, 2005, at the Kennedy Athletic, Recreational, and Social (KARS) Park at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. The demonstration compared the performance of innovative XRF technologies with conventional analytical methods as employed at an off-site fixed laboratory. These conventional methods include inductively coupled plasma (ICP) atomic emission spectrometry (EPA methods SW-846 6010 and EPA 200.18) and cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA) spectrometry (EPA methods SW-846 7470 and EPA 245.1). Conventional methods for analysis of trace elements involve extensive sample preparation, using strong acids to digest the sample into solution, and expensive laboratory instrumentation to provide accurate, high-quality data. The innovative XRF technologies evaluated in this demonstration are portable for use in the field or in a mobile laboratory and are capable of providing rapid turnaround of results with minimal sample preparation.

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Collecting samples prior to countdown (1)
Start of mission - collecting samples prior to start of countdown.
  Test site location (2)
XRF technology demonstration test site location. Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Boxed samples (3)
Boxed samples ready for teams to get started.
  Equipment for testing (4)
Equipment awaiting the arrival of testing team.
Fueling a rocket ship (5)
Rune of Oxford Analytical fueling his rocket ship prior to blast off.
  Preparing a sample (6)
George of Rigaku MSC prepares his first sample. Only 335 left.
Processing samples

Hagen of Rontec processing samples while doing his best CSI impression.

  Taking a break (8)
Quality Assurance Officer takes an afternoon break.
Checking data (9)
Laura of Niton LLC checking data.
  Waiting for results (10)
Jaana of Oxford Instruments awaits testing results.
Preparing samples (11)
Viktor and Ron of Xcalibur XRF Services prepare samples and analyze data.
  Welcoming guests (12)
Steve of the US EPA welcomes guests to visitors day and explains the SITE program.
Niton LLC demonstrates equipment (13)
Visitors watch Niton LLC demonstrate their equipment.
  Innov XSystems demonstration (14)
Don and Rose of Innov XSystems present their technology on visitors day.
Group photo (15)
Group picture of vendors, contractor and EPA staff.
  Finished project (16)
Mission accomplished.


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