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Installing the System

In order to run the programs, the following command must be included in the file CONFIG.SYS on your system disk:


Note that the file ANSI.SYS, included with the DOS package, must reside in the same directory as CONFIG.SYS. Otherwise a pathname must be included in the file. Please refer to your DOS reference manual for details on this command.

1. A minimum of 550K of RAM is necessary to load the model with the menu preprocessor. To check available RAM, type the command CHKDSK. If there is less memory available, the model (DRIVER.EXE) may still be loaded without the menu preprocessor. Please contact Rice University if you have any questions.

2.  It is possible to run the model using a high-density floppy drive if a hard disk is not available in your system.

3.  The VIEW program and the View option in TOPO and SURF both require a graphics card (adapter). However, if your system does not have a graphics card, SURFER may still be used to generate graphics on a graphics printer or plotter (Golden Software, Inc., 1987).

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