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Installing the System

Files on Distribution Diskette: The software is distributed on one floppy diskette. It contains the following files:

This file contains the executable program.

This file contains soil hydraulic data for several soils. These can be used to become familiar with the software. You may then add data for other soils of interest to you.

This file contains notices regarding the operation of the current version of the software which are not included in this manual.

This file may be used to install the ANSI.SYS device driver, provided you are not presently using any CONFIG.SYS file on your boot-up disk. If you already have a CONFIG.SYS file on your system, it should be modified to install the ANSI.SYS device as explained in the DOS manual.

Software Installation

Installation instructions are given below for systems with a fixed disk and systems with only floppy disks.

Fixed-Disk Systems:

1. Make a new sub-directory for the CHEMFLO software using the MKDIR command of DOS.

2. Change to that sub-directory using the CHDIR command of DOS.

3. Place the distribution diskette in drive A: and copy its contents to this sub-directory by means of the COPY command of DOS.

4. Store the distribution diskette in a safe place.

5. If the root directory of the fixed disk contains a CONFIG.SYS file, be sure that it contains the line DEVICE=ANSI.SYS. If it does not, you will need to use an editor to add this line to the file. The file ANSI.SYS will also need to be in the root directory if this line is added. (Note: If you have all of your DOS programs in a separate directory, you may specify the path and name in the CONFIG.SYS file. For example, if the DOS programs are in a directory called DOS, the line in CONFIG.SYS would be DEVICE=\DOS\ANSI.SYS. In this case, the file ANSI.SYS need not be in the root directory.)

Floppy-Disk Systems:

1. Format a working diskette with the /S option of the DOS FORMAT command so the system can boot up from this diskette. That is, place a new diskette in drive B: and enter FORMAT B:/S <Enter>.

2. Copy the file ANSI.SYS file from the DOS diskette to the working diskette.

3. Copy the GRAPHICS.COM file from the DOS diskette to the working diskette.

4. Copy the entire distribution diskette to the working diskette.

5. Store the distribution diskette in a safe place.

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