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Installing the System

The DEFT software can either be run from a floppy disk or the hard drive. Using the hard drive to run the software will speed up the start-up time and provide a directory for storing files saved using the software. To run the software using the hard drive, first install the software. To do this, insert the DEFT floppy disk into either drive >a= or drive >b=. Then type the following at the DOS -prompt:

prompt> a:<return> (b:<return>)
prompt> install a (install b)

The installation program will install the DEFT software in the directory >c:\deft=.


If DEFT is installed on the hard drive of a computer, start the software by typing the following at the DOS prompt:

prompt> c:<return>
prompt> cd \deft<return>
prompt> deft<retum>

If DEFT is not installed on the hard drive of your computer, place the DEFT floppy disk into drive 'a' or drive 'b'. Then, at the DOS prompt type:

prompt> a:<return> (b:<return>)
prompt> deft<retum>

QUICK START: DEFT has a Quick Start option to allow the user to skip the entry screens and proceed directly to the Input Verification Screen to enter the DQOs. To implement this option, use either set of directions above and replace the final command with:

prompt> deft q <return>

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