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Installing the System

To install the 3DFEMWATER/3DLEWASTE model and/or related support files on a hard disk, insert the first distribution diskette in a compatible diskette drive (refer to Section 2.4). Then type:


at the DOS system prompt and press the <Enter> key. Then follow instructions and respond to prompts presented on the monitor screen by the interactive installation program. Complete installation instructions are also printed on each external diskette label. The 3DFEMWATER/3DLEWASTE distribution diskette sets implement software product installation standards to insure the most error-free, maintainable, and user-acceptable distribution of CEAM products. It has a unique menu option, command, full-screen (interactive), diagnostic, error-recovery, help, and selective installation capabilities using state-of-the-art human-factors engineering practices and principles.

NOTE: The contents of the distribution diskettes can be copied to another set of "backup" diskettes using the DOS DISKCOPY command. Refer to the DOS Reference Manual for command application and use. The "backup" diskettes must be the same size and storage density as the original, source diskettes.

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