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Installing the System

The Distribution Diskettes: The distribution diskettes contain the files needed for system operation. Some programs require the presence of a character font file in order to execute properly. Below is a list of the files which are included on the distribution diskettes:

Program files: GEOEAS.EXE - the system menu program DATAPREP.EXE - data management utilities TRANS.EXE - data transformations STAT1.EXE - basic univariate descriptive statistics SCATTER.EXE - scatter plots, linear regression PREVAR.EXE - pair comparison computations for VARIO VARIO.EXE - variogram analysis and modeling XVALID.EXE - cross validation of parameters for KRIGE KRIGE.EXE - 2 dimensional kriging CONREC.EXE - contouring of gridded data POSTPLOT.EXE - graphs of sample locations and values XYGRAPH.EXE - 2 dimensional line/scatter graphs VIEW.EXE - plots graph files on the screen HPPLOT.EXE - creates plotter files from graphic metafiles.

Miscellaneous files: HERSHY.BAR - character font file (required by CONREC, POSTPLOT, XYGRAPH, VIEW, and HPPLOT) EXAMPLE.DAT - example data file EXAMPLE.GRD - example gridded data file (for CONREC) METACODE.MET - example graph file HPGL.PLT - example plotter instruction file HPSETUP.BAT - commands to set up plotter communications READ.ME - additional "last-minute" information HPPS.COM - screen-dump capability for HP Laserjet HPPS.DOC - document file for HPPS.COM HPPS.ASM - source file for HPPS.COM HPPSREAD.ME - information about HPPS.COM HPPS.COM - screen-dump capability for HP Laserjet HPPS.DOC - document file for HPPS.COM HPPS.ASM - source file for HPPS.COM HPPSREAD.ME - information about HPPS.COM

Hard Disk Installation To install the system on a fixed disk, a subdirectory should first be created (for example, GEOEAS). For information about creating subdirectories, refer to the DOS reference manual. All files on the distribution diskettes should be copied into the subdirectory. For more information on how to copy files from a diskette into a subdirectory, refer to your DOS user's manual. Approximately three megabytes (3 million bytes) of storage is required. If insufficient disk space is available for all files to reside together on fixed disk, programs must be initiated from DOS and the system menu (GEOEAS.EXE) may not be used.

Using the Programs on Floppy Diskette The fact that all programs and support files cannot reside on one floppy diskette has several implications. Since the system menu program requires that all files be present on the same disk and subdirectory, the system menu may not be used to run the programs; they must be initiated from DOS. Since several programs require the presence of HERSHY.BAR to operate correctly, it is important that both the executable file and HERSHY.BAR reside on the same diskette. Unfortunately, the size of the executable files for programs XYGRAPH, POSTPLOT, and CONREC are too large to fit on the same 360 kilobyte diskette with HERSHY.BAR. This means that if you only have 360 kilobyte disk drives (and no fixed disk) you will not be able to use these programs. A separate working diskette may be prepared for each program, subject to the restrictions mentioned above.


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