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Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments (ATtILA)


Key Topics
ATtILA is an easy to use ArcView extension that calculates many commonly used landscape metrics. By providing an intuitive interface, the extension provides the ability to generate landscape metrics to a wide audience, regardless of their GIS knowledge level. ATtILA is a robust, flexible program. It accepts data from a broad range of sources and is equally suitable across all landscapes, from deserts to rain forests to urban areas, and may be used at local, regional, and national scales. More detailed information is available in the user manual

To use the ATtILA, you will need version 3.1 or later of ArcView and the Spatial Analyst version 1.1 extension. Both UNIX and Windows (95, 98 and NT) environments are supported.

For further information contact: LEBProjects@epa.gov. Please include ATtILA in the subject line.


ATtILA Overview
  Fact Sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 369KB, About PDF)
  ATtILA Manual
    PDF (39 pp, 756KB, About PDF)

Should you have difficulty reading this document or require assistance to access it, wish to receive a paper copy, or want to discuss the content, please contact us at LEBProjects@epa.gov.

In addition, you may request file conversion exit EPA through Adobe (a free service). Click here for more information from Adobe and to download their plug-ins. exit EPA

  ATtILA Extension
    AVX file for use with ArcView. Installation instructions are provided in the user manual.
  ATtILA Source Code
    ArcView project file containing all scripts and dialogs used in construction of the extension. For advanced users.



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