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ATtILA User Registration and Download

Registration for downloading ATtILA is optional but preferred.  By registering and providing us with your e-mail address you enable us to keep track of how many ATtILA users are out there, and to inform you of improvements, new versions, updates, bugs, and the like.  We DO NOT trade, exchange, sell, or otherwise distribute e-mail addresses!

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A FAKE E-MAIL ADDRESS, OR REGISTER MULTIPLE TIMES!!  If you don't want to be contacted by us, or have already registered, then skip to the download section.


Intended use for ATtILA:
  If you are already registered, but would like your name removed from our mailing list, please include your name and email above and check this box:
  I want to be removed from your mailing list.



  ATtILA: ArcView Extension (.avx) and Manual [.zip file, 763 KB]  
  ATtILA: Source Code (.apr)  
  By downloading ATtILA, I agree to inform the ATtILA team if I publish any manuscripts in which ATtILA is used in the analysis.  





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