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Selected Landscape Ecology Projects

Use the map or the project list below to find more information about Landscape Ecology Projects. Additional project information available by scientist.

Landscape Ecology Southern California Data Browser Northern California Data Browser Oregon Data Browser Northwest Oregon Data Browser San Pedro Data Browser Southern Rockies Data Browser Tensas River Basin Data Browser Little Miami Data Browser Characterization of Ecosystems Exposure to Environmental Stressors: Development of Landscape Indicators for the Chihuahuan Desert South Carolina Case Study Quantification of Landscape Indicators/Aquatic Resource Associations in the Savannah River Basin Landscape Analysis of New York City's Water Supply Mid-Atlantic Region Projects Landscape Indicators for Pesticides Study for Mid-Atlantic Coastal Streams Use of Thermal AVHRR Imagery To Construct An Estimator of Seasonal Heat Budgets for Large Lakes in North America Great Lakes Basin Vegetation Change Analysis Northeastern Nevada Landscape and Aquatic Resource Characterization on Federal Lands Southwest Regional GAP Analysis Project: The Nevada Ecoregional Component Distributions of Airborne Agricultural Contaminants Relative to Amphibian Populations in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California Landscape Analysis and Characterization to Support Region Environmental Assessment Western United States Landscape Characterization Influence of Spatial Distribution of Habitat on Distribution and Genetic Interchange Among Amphibian Populations in Naturally Fragmented Landscape, the Mojave Desert Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Project Landscape Analysis of New York City's Water Supply Imaging Spectroscopy for Determining Rangeland Stressors to Western Watersheds Mississippi River Habitat Vulnerability Project

Landscape Ecology Data Browsers for Decision Support

Projects in the Eastern/Southern/Central United States

Projects in the Mid-Western and Great Lakes Regions of the United States

Projects in the Western United States

Special Projects

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