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Landscape Characterization

The Landscape Characterization Branch's (LCB) goal is to develop approaches for ecological assessment at regional and national scales and to improve the prediction of ecological indicators at varying scales of interest to enable informed ecological risk reduction and remediation. Towards that end, LCB conducts research on the spatial characteristics of landscapes, including the distribution of resources, stressors, and biophysical processes, and how those characteristics change over time.

Research focuses on:

  1. Improving the collection and synthesis of monitoring data, including remotely sensed data;
  2. Exploring the application of cutting-edge technology to the monitoring and analysis of environmental exposures;
  3. Developing models to predict changing spatial distributions of resources and stressors across time;
  4. Developing, improving, and evaluating new methods to quantify and reduce error and uncertainty in environmental metrics and models; and
  5. Developing new methods to synthesize all types of information into integrated assessments of ecological condition and vulnerability.

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