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Maliha S. Nash, Ph.D.

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Position Title


Professional Experience

Selected Awards And Honors

Invited Lectures/Symposia



Integration of statistics, remote sensing and existing data to locate changes in land resources. M. S. Nash, D.J Chaloud, W. Kepner and S. Sarri  (presenter: Ann Pitchford). 26th annual conference on managing quality systems. June 13-14, 2007. Cleveland, Ohio.


My role is mainly as a supporting element in many research teams with diverse discipline in conducting statistical analyses. Hence, my work is in utilization of GIS, remote sensing, and other existed data in watershed modeling using statistics for predicting and interpolating the consequence of landscape changes on aquatic and terrestrial resources. Develop statistical models account for the spatial and temporal variability in landscape metrics as affected by the surrounding areas on local and global scales.  The below four posters are examples of my work description.

For more publications go to http://www.epa.gov/esd/land-sci/publications_list.htm.

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