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Regional Sustainable Environmental Science (RESES)

FY12 Proposals

 Region(s) Title Objective


A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in a Springfield, Mass., environmental justice community elementary school to evaluate proposed remediation scenarios for indoor sources and near-roadway transportation exposures The primary objective of the proposed project is a fully developed HIA that examines the health, environmental, and economic impacts of the planned PBRM school renovation options being considered by the city.  Another objective is producing “generalizeable” tools and approaches to conduct HIAs that other communities can use for sustainable solutions and to generalize lessons learned regarding previous school siting and potential remediations.
[Springfield, MA]


Citizen monitoring of water quality and sanitation in a rural Puerto Rico watershed

The objective of this project is to increase public and community awareness of sanitation issues in the lower Guánica watershed by initiating citizen surveys of water quality and sewage infrastructure.  Groups of citizen volunteers will be assembled and trained to collect water samples from targeted locations which will be analyzed for fecal bacteria indicators and, those samples with high counts, documented by the type of treatment and condition of sewerage. Mapping of results will help to identify risks associated with potential contact and ingestion exposures to help improve citizen awareness and action toward reducing this problem.
[Guánica Bay, Puerto Rico]


Conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in the Proctor Creek District of Atlanta, Ga., to assess the distribution of environmental and health impacts as green infrastructure approaches to community revitalization The primary project objective is to engage in the HIA process and produce a final HIA report that will provide health protection and health promotion recommendations on decisions around green infrastructure approaches to storm water management, ecosystem restoration, and community revitalization as they relate to Proctor Creek and its tributaries, an Environmental Justice Community.
[The Proctor Creek District of Atlanta, GA]



Development of a sustainability tool for Tribal housing decision making
The objectives of this project are to: (1) assess traditional/existing and alternative tribal housing using the three pillars of sustainability – environment, society, and economics.(2) develop a sustainability tool to assist tribes to make housing decisions that promote healthy, energy efficient, economically viable, and culturally relevant homes.
[Denver, CO]



Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Environmental Justice (EJ) Analysis – developing a rapid assessment tool for assessing environmental justice and community health impacts This project will create a template and decision process to guide EJ analysis across programs and decisions, locate the portion or whole of the analysis that could be covered by HIA through the tiered model of HIA (including collaboration with partners), and finally, apply the approach to one or more case studies of varying timeframes and impact levels, including Region 10 decisions that are imminent
[Seattle, WA]

R1, R2, R3, R4, R7, and R10

Working with communities to develop practical measures of sustainability

During the SHC Listening Sessions, communities identified the need for a practical, integrated way to simultaneously evaluate a larger suite of impacts and outcomes associated with their decisions.  This research project responds to that need by developing an adaptable approach and visualization tool useful to many types of communities as they grapple with varied priorities associated with achieving sustainability.  The key research products resulting from this RESES project will be community vetted tools that the Regions can use to assist other communities in making decisions that affect their sustainability. 
[Region wide]

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