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Alan Christopher Williams

Alan’s research interests are centered on finding ways to improve living conditions and the environment for better overall human health. He has spent time researching the distribution of naturally and unnaturally occurring metals in watersheds. Recently he has been a part of projects that have looked at vapor intrusion into homes and the potential for contamination of living spaces resulting from underground pollution. He as also helped research the effects and concentrations of nano particles in consumer products. He is especially interested in discovering ways to use plants and invertebrates as indicators of pollution and other potential health issues.

Biographical Information

Name: Alan Christopher Williams
Title:   Research Science Technician

Contact Info:

Environmental Sciences Division / Characterization and Monitoring Branch
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 93478
Las Vegas, Nevada 89193

Phone: 702-798-2130


  • M.S. Water Resources Management, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2008
  • B.S. Biology, Brigham Young University Idaho, 2006

Professional Experience

  • Research Science Technician, USEPA, ORD, NERL-CMB, Las Vegas, NV 2008-present

Publications and Presentations (1999 - Present) / (These are from ORD Science Inventory) 

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