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Environmental Sciences Publications 2005

Annually the federal Environmental Science researchers at EPA Las Vegas publish between 20-35 refereed journal articles and 5-10 peer-reviewed book chapters. Through its extramural programs, EPA funds research undertaken in the private sector. As a result, the scientific community, at-large, is provided with extensive, current research information. A bibliography of EPA's most recent Environmental Sciences publications is listed below.


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Al-Saadi, J. A. Szykman J. J. Neil D. O. Pierce R. B. Kittaka C. Neil D. Chu D. A. Remer L. Gumley L. Prins E. Weinstock L. MacDonald C. Wayland R. Dimmick F. Fishman J. Improving National Air Quality Forecasts with Satellite Aerosol Observations, (TIP # 04-228, Journal Article.) J. Szykman, PO. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 86(9):1249-1261, (2005).

Bradford, D. F. Amphibian declines and environmental change in the eastern Mojave Desert, (TIP # 03-150, Book Chapter) D. Heggem, PO. Reno, NV: Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV, Important Scientific and Cultural Resources of the Intermountain Region.

Bradford, D. F. Factors implicated in amphibian population declines in the United States, (TIP # 01-165, Book Chapter) D. Heggem, PO. University of California Press, Berkeley, Lannoo M.J. (ed.) Declining Amphibians: A United States Response to the Global Problem, 915-951, (2005).

Bradford, D. F. Jaeger J. R. Shanahan S. A. Distribution Change and Population Status for Amphibians to the Eastern Mojave Desert, (TIP # 04-122, Journal Article.) D. Heggem, PO. Western North American Naturalist, 65(4) 462-472 (2005).

Bradford, D. F., R. D. Jennings, and J. R. Jaeger. Rana onca Cope 1875 Leopard Frog, (TIP # 00-165, Book Chapter) D. Heggem, PO. Status and Conservation of US Amphibian, 567-568, (2005).

Bramblett, R. G., T. R. Johnson, A. V. Zale, and D. T. Heggem. Development and Evaluation of a Fish Assemblage Index of Biotic Integrity for Northwestern Great Plains Streams, (TIP # 04-217, Journal Article) J. Thompson, PO. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 134, 624-640.

Brilis, G. M. J. G. Lyon, J. C. Worthington, and R. Lysakowski. Implementing and Auditing Electronic Recordkeeping Systems used in Scientific Research and Development, (TIP # 04-187, Journal Article) G. Brilis, PO. Quality Assurance: Good Practice, Regulation, and Law 11:5-24.

Brooks, P. O'Reilly C. Diamond S. Campbell D. Knapp R. Bradford D. Corn P. Hossack B. Tonnessen K. Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Amount and Source of Dissolved Organic Carbon: Implications for Ultraviolet Exposure in Amphibian Habitats, (TIP # 03-162, Journal Article.) D. Heggem, PO. Ecosystems: 8, 478-487 (2005).

Capri, J. Schumacher B. Wanning S. Smith E. Zimmerman J. Vanover J. Collection of Undisturbed Surface Sediments: Sampler Design and Initial Evaluation Testing, (TIP # 05-104, Published Report.) B. Schumacher, PO.

Cate, A. J. Semmens D. J. Burns I. S. Goodrich D. C. Kepner W. G. AGWA Design Documentation: Migrating to ArcGIS and the Internet EPA/600/R-05/056, (TIP # 05-064, Published Report.) W. Kepner, PO.

Daughton, C. G. "Emerging" Chemicals as Pollutants in the Environment: a 21st Century Perspective, (TIP # 05-119, Journal Article.) C. Daughton, PO. Renewable Resources Journal 23:(4) 6-23, (2005).

Diamond, S. Trenham P. Adams M. Hossack B. Knapp R. Start S. Bradford D. Corn P. Czarnowski K. Brooks P. Fagre D. Breen B. Detenbeck N. Tonnessen K. Estimated Ultraviolet Radiation Doses in Wetlands in Six National Parks, (TIP # 03-163, Journal Article.) D. Heggem, PO. Ecosystems 8, 462-477 (2005)

Dindal, A. S. Billets. Technologies for Monitoring and Measurement of Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds in Soil and Sediment, Abraxis LLC Coplanar PCB ELISA Kit, EPA/600/R-05/003, (TIP # 05-055, Published Report PB2005108388) S. Billets, PO.

Dindal, A. S. Billets. Technologies for Monitoring and Measurement of Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds in Soil and Sediment. CAPE Technologies LLC DFI Dioxin/Furan Immunoassay Kit and PCB TEQ Immunoassay Kit, EPA/540/R-05/004, (TIP # 05-056, Published Report PB2005108389) S. Billets, PO.

Dindal, A. S. Billets. Technologies for Monitoring and Measurement of Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds in Soil and Sediment. Hybrizyme Corporation AhRC PCR Kit, EPA/540/R-05/005, (TIP # 05-058, Published Report PB2005108390) S. Billets, PO.

Dindal, A. S. Billets. Technologies for Monitoring and Measurement of Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds in Soil and Sediment. WAKO Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. Dioxin ELISA Kit, EPA/540/R-05/002, (TIP # 05-054, Published Report PB2005108387) S. Billets, PO.

Dindal, A. S. Billets. Technologies for Monitoring and Measurement of Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds in Soil and Sediment. Xenobiotic Detection Systems, Inc. CALUX by XDS, EPA/540/R-05/001, (TIP # 05-053, Published Report PB2005108386) S. Billets, PO.

Gilette, D. A., A. M. Pitchford and G. A. Herbert. Sand flux in the northern Chihuahuan desert, New Mexico, USA, and the influence of mesquite-dominated landscapes, (TIP # 03-024, Journal Article) , PO. J. Geophysical Research 109, F04003,doi;10,1029/2003JF000031.

Grange, A. H. Winnik W. Ferguson P. L. Sovocool G. W. Using a Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer in accurate mass mode and an ion correlation program to identify compounds, (TIP # 05-065, Journal Article Rapid Communications: 2005; 19: 2699-2715.) A. Grange, PO.

Grange, A. H. Zumwalt M. C. Sovocool G. W. Determination of Ion and Neutral Loss Composition and Deconvolution of Product Ion Mass Spectra Using an Orthogobal Accerleration, Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer and an Ion Correlation Program, (TIP # 05-090, Journal Article.) A. Grange, PO. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 20(2) 89-102 (2005).

Heggem, D. T. Evanson E. Hermann K. Selle T. Hall R. K. Augustine S. EMAP-West Metric Browser EPA/600/X-05/012, (TIP # 05-111, Internal Report.) D. Heggem, PO.

Hu, Y., J. Beach, B. Schumacher, and G. Robertson. Evaluating Commercially Available Dermal Wipes, Cotton Suites, and Alternative Urinary Collection Materials for Pesticide Sampling from Infants, EPA/600/R-04/087. (TIP # 04-153, Published Report) B. Schumacher, PO. Las Vegas, NV: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Iiames, J., D. Pilant and T. Lewis. Accounting for error propagation in the development of a Leaf Area Index (LAI) reference map to assess the MODIS MOD15A LAI product, (TIP # 04-066, Symposium Paper) 2004 Accuracy Conference, 06/28/04, in Portland, Maine. R. Lunetta, PO.

Jaeger, J. R., B. R. Riddle, and D. Bradford. Crytic Neogene Vicariance and Quaternary Disposal of the Red-spotted Toad (Bufo punctatus): Insights on the Evolution of North American Warm Desert Biotas, (TIP # 04-121, Journal Article) D. Heggem, PO. Molecular Ecology, 14, 3033-3048.

Jarnagin, S. T. Problem formulation report: for the assessment of the consequences of Global Change for Aquatic Ecosystems; Section 2.2.2: Land use & Land Cover Change (regional patterns of change, resulting stressor & impacts), EPA/600/S-02/004. (TIP # 02-094, Research Brief) C. Rogers, PO.

Jones-Lepp, T. L. Momplaisir G. M. New Applications of LC-MS and LC-MS2 toward Understanding the Environmental Fate of Organometallics , (TIP # 05-025, Journal Article.) T. Jones-Lepp, PO. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 24(7), 590-595 (2005).

Kepner, W. G. Introduction: Desertification and Security - Perspectives for the Mediterranean Region, (TIP # 05-006, Book Chapter.) W. Kepner, PO. Desertification and Security - Perspectives for the Mediterranean Region.

Kepner, W. G., D. F. Bradford and T. D. Sajwaj. An approach for determining Regional Land-Cover and species habitat conservation status in the American Southwest: the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project, (TIP # 04-199, Symposium Paper) 36th Annual Meeting of the Desert Fishes Council, 11/11/04, in Tucson, AZ. W. Kepner, PO.

Kepner, W. G. Rubio J. L. Forward: Desertification in the Mediterranean Region: A Security Issue, (TIP # 05-009, Book Chapter.) W. Kepner, PO. Springer Publishers, Desertification in the Mediterranean Region.

Kepner, W. G. Rubio J. L. Mouat D. A. Pedrazzini F. Desertification in the Mediterranean Region. A Security Issue, (TIP # 05-072, Book.) W. Kepner, PO. 3:1-605.

Knight, L. Lamie C. VanEe J. Schumacher B. A. Emerging Electronics Issues - How can we minimize the Health and Environmental Impacts of Electronics Recycling EPA/600/R-05/101, (TIP # 05-124, Published Report.) B. Schumacher, PO.

Levick, L. R. D. J. Semmens, D. P. Guertin, I. S. Burns, S. N. Scott, C. L. Unkrich, and D. C. Goodrich. Adding global soils data to the Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool (AGWA), (TIP # 04-224, Symposium Paper) 2nd International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management, 11/16/04, in Tucson, AZ. K. Johnson, PO.

Liu, Y. J. A. Sarnat, V. Kilaru, D. J. Jacob, and P. Koutrakis. Estimating Ground Level PM 2.5 in the Eastern United States Using Satellite Remote Sensing, (TIP # 04-058, Journal Article) V. Kilaru, PO. Environmental Science & Technology, 39, 3269-3278.

Liu, Y, R. Park, Q. Li, V. Kilaru, J. A. Sarnat, and D. J. Jacob. Mapping Annual Mean Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentrations Using Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer Aerosol Optical Thickness Over the Contiguous United States, (TIP # 04-059, Journal Article) V. Kilaru, PO. Journal of Geophysical Research 109, doi:10,1029/2004JD005025.

Lopez, R. D. Review of Wetland Design: Principles and Practices for Landscape Architects and Land-use Planners, (TIP # 04-210, Journal Article.) P. Arberg, PO. Landscape Ecology 19, 909-910.

Lunetta, R. S. Greene R. Lyon J. G. Modeling the Distribution of Nonpoint Nitrogen Sources and Sinks in the Neuse River Basin of North Carolina, USA, (TIP # 04-016, Journal Article.) R. Lunetta, PO. JAWRA, in review 41(5): 1129-1147.

Mehaffey, M. Nash M. S. Wade T. G. Ebert D. W. Jones K. B. Rager A. Linking Land and Water in New York City's Water Supply Watersheds, (TIP # 01-151, Journal Article.) S. Jackson, PO. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, (2005): 29-44.

Mottaleb, M. A. Brumley W. C. Curtis L. R. Sovocool G. W. Nitro musk adducts of rainbow trout hemoglobin: Dose-response and toxicokinetics determination by GC-NICI-MS for a sentinel species, (TIP # 04-018, Journal Article.) W. Sovocool, PO. American Laboratory News 23(7) 26-29.

Mottaleb, M. A., W. C. Brumley, and G. W. Sovocool. Nitro Musk Bound to Carp Hemoglobin: Determination by GC with two MS Detection Modes: EIMS Versus Electron Capture Negative ION MS, (TIP # 03-165, Journal Article) W. Sovocool, PO. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 84(15) 1069-1078.

Mueller, F. Kepner W. Caesar K. Landscape Sciences for Environmental Assessment: Proceedings from a NATO/CCMS Pilot Study Meeting a Salzau Castle, Germany, (TIP # 05-046, Journal Article) W. Kepner, PO. Ecosys Beitrage zur Okosystemforschung, 10:2-36.

Nash, M. S. Chaloud D. J. Lopez R. D. Applications of Canonical Correlation and Partial Least Square Analyses in Landscape Ecology EPA/600/X-05/004, (TIP # 05-036, Internal Report.) M. Nash, PO.

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Nash, M. S. Wade T. G. Heggem. D. T. Wickham J. D. Does anthropogenic activities or nature dominate the shaping of the landscape in the Oregon Pilot Study Area for 1990-1999?, (TIP # 04-037, Journal Article.) M. Nash, PO. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Nocerino, J. M., B. A. Schumacher, and C. C. Dary. Role of Laboratory Sampling Devices and Laboratory Subsampling Methods in Optimizing Representativeness Strategies, (TIP # 04-180, Journal Article) J. Nocerino, PO. Sampling in Environmental Forensics, 6, 35-44.

Pearson, J. G. Pinkham C. F. Reid B. P. Chevalier V. T. BioSim2 User's Manual, Version 2.0.03 - Program that applies the Coefficient of Biotic Similarity, B to Complex Data Matrices PB2006-102385, (TIP # 05-167, Published Report.) G. Pearson, PO.

Petrosillo, I. Zurlini G. Kepner W. Mueller F. Linkages among Landscape Assessment, Quality of Life and Environmental Security: Proceedings from a NATO/CCMS Pilot Study Meeting at Lecce, Italy, (TIP # 05-091, Journal Article.) W. Kepner, PO. EcoSys, University of Kiel,11: 1-168 (2005)

Plumb, R. H. Fingerprint Analysis of Contaminant Data: A Forensic Tool for Evaluating Environmental Contamination, EPA/600/S-04/054. (TIP # 04-112, Research Brief) G. Pearson, PO.

Riitters, K. H. J. D. Wickham and J. W. Coulston. Use of Road Maps in National Assessments of Forest Fragmentation in the United States, (TIP # 03-126, Journal Article.) K. Johnson, PO. Ecology and Society 9(2):13.(Online)

Rosal, C. G. Momplaisir G. M. Heithmar E. Roxarsone and transformation products in chicken manure: determination by capillary electrophoresis-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, (TIP # 04-133, Journal Article.) E. Heithmar, PO. Electrophoresis 26(7-8) 1606-1614.

Semmens, D. J., and D. C. Goodrich. Planning Change: Case Studies Illustrating the Benefits of GIS and Land-Use Data in Environmental Planning, (TIP # 05-057, Symposium Paper) Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydrological Perspectives for Sustainable Development, 02/23/05, in Roorkee, India. W. Kepner, PO.

Sovocool, G. W. Mottaleb M. A. Brumley W. C. Curtis L. R. Pyle S. M. Zhao X. The Determination of Bound Aromatic Nitro Compound Metabolites in Fish Hemoglobin as Potential Biomarkers of Environmental Exposure EPA/600/X-05/011, (TIP # 05-106, Internal Report.) W. Sovocool, PO.

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Van Remortel, R. D. Maichle R. W. Heggem D. T. Pitchford A. M. Automated GIS Watershed Analysis Tools for RUSLE/SEDMOD Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Modeling EPA/600/X-05/007, (TIP # 05-043C, Internal Report.) D. Heggem, PO.

Wade, T. G. Ebert D. W. Analytical Tools Interface the Landscape Assessment (ATTILA) User Manual, EPA/600/R-04/083. (TIP # 04-148, Published Report.) T. Wade, PO.

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Williams, D. J. A. Pilant, L. D. Worth, B. Feldman, T. Williams, and P. Lucey. Detection and Identification of Toxic Air Pollutants using Airborne LWIR Hyperspectral Imaging, (TIP # 04-216, Symposium Paper) Fourth International Asia-Pacific Environmental Remote Sensing Symposium, 11/8/04, in Honolulu, Hawaii. D. Williams, PO.

Williams, D. J. J. Ching. A Federated Partnership for Urban Meteorological and Air Quality Modeling, (TIP # 04-135, Symposium Paper) American Meteorological Society Fifth Symposium on the Urban Environment, 08/23/04, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. D. Williams, PO.

Zimmerman, D. L., and D. M. Holland. Complementary Co-Kriging: Spatial Prediction Using Data Combined from Several Pollution Monitoring Networks, (TIP # 04-041, Journal Article) D. Holland, PO. Environmetrics, 16, 219-234.





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