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Endangered Species Protection Bulletins

Bulletins Live!

Go to Bulletins Live!


1. Click the Bulletins Live! link above to enter the system.
2. Select your state and county.
3. Select the month of pesticide application.
4. Follow the numbered steps found in the Bulletin.
5. To print your Bulletin, click the print button at the bottom of the Bulletin. This will open a print version (a PDF file) for you to print an official copy.

EPA recommends taking the Tutorial (6 pp, 431 K, about PDF) for a demonstration of Bulletins Live! before using the system for the first time.

Endangered Species Protection Bulletins are a part of EPA's Endangered Species Protection Program. Bulletins set forth geographically specific pesticide use limitations for the protection of endangered or threatened species and their designated critical habitat. You can obtain Bulletins using EPA’s Bulletins Live! system.

If your pesticide label directs you to this Web site, you are required to follow the pesticide use limitations found in the Bulletin for your county, pesticide active ingredient and application month.

EPA's Bulletins contain the following information:

The term "county" refers to counties, parishes and municipios found within the United States and its territories.

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