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Pesticide Use Limitations - 9th District Court Order

The EnviroMapper Site is intended to assist pesticide users' understanding of certain pesticide use limitations put in place by the 9th District Court and which apply to specific waters and specific pesticides’ uses in Washington, Oregon and California. There are some exceptions to the limitations which may be found on the http://www.epa.gov/espp/litstatus/wtc/maps.htm page. If you have not already done so, you should review the background and the exceptions to determine whether the Court Order applies to your use of the pesticides.

Because limitations may be changed or deleted as EPA continues its review of 55 pesticide active ingredients, pesticide users should visit this site, before, but close to the time of pesticide use to determine whether the Court Ordered limitations apply to your use of a specific pesticide. EPA will update this site when Court Ordered limitations change.

To determine specific waters and pesticide use limitations that may apply to your use of a pesticide, from the list at the right: 1) select the state in which you intend to apply a pesticide; 2) select the specific pesticide active ingredient you intend to use; and 3) click the "Submit" button.

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