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What is a listserv?

A listserv is an Internet feature whereby one posts a message that is received via email by all listserv members. They can respond to you or to the entire listserv membership.

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What kinds of things can you put on a listserv?

You can post text-only emails about anything related to AQUATOX. You can post:

  • Questions
  • Opinions
  • Announcements
  • Requests
  • Things to share

For security reasons the listserv rejects all postings with attachments to emails.

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How do you join the listserv?

Subscribe to AQUATOXinfo via email. Send an email to lyris@lists.epa.gov, leaving the "Subject:" field blank and putting "subscribe AQUATOXinfo firstname lastname" in the body of the text. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a welcome message confirming your membership.

To unsubscribe from AQUATOXinfo, send another email to lyris@lists.epa.gov, with "unsubscribe AQUATOXinfo" in the body of the email message.

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How do you post a message?

Messages are sent by email to AQUATOXinfo@lists.epa.gov. The postings are then sent out as email messages to every member of the AQUATOXinfo listserv.

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How can I see the email listings from previous postings?

Go to AQUATOX Listserv, where it will ask you to login. You must be a subscriber to the listserv in order to perform a search, and your login should be the email address with which you subscribed to the listserv. The basic search scans the subject line and author, while the advanced search allows you to search the entire message. If you are not sure of the precise form of the word you may use the wild card “*” to find variations (e.g. “citation*" will find “citation” as well as “citations”).

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