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National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC)

The Environmental Measurement Symposium is the joint meeting of the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) and the Forum on Laboratory Accreditation. NEMC provides the principal forum for addressing policy and technical issues affecting monitoring in all environmental media (i.e., water, air, soil, and waste) and across all environmental programs.

As part of its efforts to increase the role of the scientific community in implementation of monitoring, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or the Agency) joined in a partnership with other organizations to annually sponsor the NEMC. The conference was initiated in 1985 as part of EPA's efforts to foster a partnership among the Agency, the regulated community, the public, state regulatory agencies, and the other members of the monitoring community. NEMC has three goals:

For more information about NEMC, please see the NEMC websiteExit EPA Disclaimer .

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