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Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD)


Science is the backbone of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (i.e., EPA’s) decision making. Much of that science begins with or depends on environmental data from laboratories. These laboratory data are often the foundation of key environmental decisions. This is the case for results of water quality tests that ensure the safety of drinking water and the analysis of hazardous waste samples that measure contaminant concentrations at a Superfund site. Thus, ensuring the integrity of laboratory data provides a critical base for all scientific integrity at the Agency. Scientific Integrity Memo (PDF) (11 pp, 6.75Mb, About PDF).

The Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) is a uniform format for electronic delivery of analytical data for environmental programs that can significantly improve data quality while reducing costs to review data. This has already been the experience in the EPA’s Superfund Program and can be the case for the rest of the Agency. By establishing uniform processes for delivery, review, storage, and retrieval of laboratory data, the scientific integrity of environmental data can be assured. At the same time, the data review process, which can be expensive and time consuming, becomes more cost-effective and time-efficient by employing a uniform format like SEDD which allows systems to automate as much of the process as possible.

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SEDD General Information

Learn about the stages of SEDD, who is using SEDD, and the benefits of using SEDD.

The following two DRAFT documents are meant to assist environmental testing laboratories and their vendors in electronically capturing, storing,and transmitting information needed by the laboratories and their clients. Electronic capture of this information has many benefits for laboratories, including automating data review processes within a laboratory (to save time and money) and generating different types of Electronic Data Deliverables (including SEDD files) that meet multiple client needs.

  1. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Data Capture - General Specifications (PDF) (18 pp, 100K, About PDF)
  2. Relationship between LIMS and SEDD File Data Representation (PDF) (20 pp, 203K, About PDF)

The following DRAFT document is intended for use by software vendors and LIMS vendors to create a basic SEDD Checker tool. It gives the checks to be performed on a SEDD file to verify that the file meets basic XML requirements and that the data it contains can be extracted and used for its intended purpose.
Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) Files – Draft Checker Tool Specification (11 August 2011) (PDF) (12 pp, 216K, About PDF)

Comments on these DRAFT documents are welcome and should be sent by Monday December 19, 2011 to: Anand Mudambi (mudambi.anand@epa.gov).

SEDD Version 5.0 Resources

Learn about SEDD version 5.0. This page contains:

SEDD Version 5.2 Resources

Learn about SEDD version 5.2. This page contains SEDD Specification 5.2 Documents.

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