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A Message from Jonathan Powers, Federal Environmental Executive

Jonathan Powers
Jonathan Powers

As I meet with my Federal colleagues in places like Lakewood, Colorado, and San Antonio, Texas, I am inspired by those who have taken to heart President Obama's challenge to lead by example in energy and sustainability within Federal operations. Throughout the President's first term, Federal employees nationwide have found creative ways to cut government costs, reduce our carbon emissions, increase renewable energy use, better manage our vehicle fleet, conserve water, and achieve other ambitious goals set by the Administration.

In many regions, innovative Federal employees are overcoming bureaucratic barriers and championing cooperation between Federal agencies and local communities to achieve shared goals.  Their leadership is making the Federal Government more efficient, a better member of the local community, and saving taxpayer dollars.

To connect these local efforts with the broad goals set by the President’s Executive Order on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance, six teams were selected to follow throughout the year to see what might be accomplished when we all work together.  These teams include multiple Federal agencies as well as non-profits, local utilities, and private companies.  We are calling them the GreenGov Spotlight Communities.  Some teams have worked together for years and already have a few energy and sustainability projects under their belts.  Other teams are just getting started on new projects that have great potential.

Located all over the country, these Spotlight Communities can help other Federal communities by sharing lessons learned and by breaking down barriers to resource sharing among different Federal agencies.

We look forward to learning from them, and from the many other Federal communities that are discovering innovative ways to work smarter and better for Americans everywhere.

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