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Seattle Federal Executive Board's Business Case for Sustainability

Who: The Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) Officers represent the participating Seattle Area Federal Community and their respective agencies. The project is co-sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the support and participation of the SFEB Executive Leadership Council, who represent an additional 18 Agencies and the wider federal community in western Washington.

Seattle Federal Executive Board, GSA, EPA Logos

Where: Seattle, WA

Background: There are 28 Federal Executive Boards (FEB) across the country, representing the 85% of federal employees that work outside of the National Capital Region. Located in areas where there are significant federal populations, the FEBs serve as a way for Agencies to form partnerships and share information based on their locations.

What will happen in 2013: The SFEB will work to build the business case for shared sustainability efforts across the federal government.  So far, the SFEB has compiled a collection of over 35 sustainability business case stories from the Seattle Federal Agency Community.  The format allows the Board to monetize savings, identify common metrics, and publicize efforts contributing to a larger community impact. SFEB will specifically target Energy and Green Meetings for improvement, policy development, education, and business cases.

In 2013, the Board and supporting agencies will: develop a story submittal form to make it easier for agencies contribute business cases; aggregate regional financial impact based on stories submitted, agency participation, consolidated savings and other data; determine best methods to publicize successes; and, encourage non-participating federal communities in the region to contribute. This effort will demonstrate how FEBs can play an integral role in coordinating regionally located federal entities that are working towards shared Executive Order goals.

Relevance to Executive Order 13514: Reduced greenhouse gas emissions; increased energy efficiency; improved Fleet Management; and reduced wastes.

Spotlight Communities

The GreenGov Spotlight Communities Initiative demonstrates how collaboration across Federal agencies can result in nationwide sustainability. There are six showcase projects, including 14 different agencies.

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