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Proposed Gas STAR Gold Program

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EPA is proposing a new voluntary, facility-based program.

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Proposed Gas STAR Gold Program

EPA is proposing a new voluntary program for leaders in the natural gas industry to track and earn recognition for their methane reductions facility-wide. The key goals of the proposed program are:

  1. Showcase facilities that are already achieving reductions in methane emissions.
  2. Encourage facilities to identify and implement opportunities to achieve further reductions in methane emissions.
  3. Create a framework for credible, transparent and consistent reporting on facilities that can be easily understood and compared.
  4. Recognize progress that companies are achieving in emissions reductions relative to their overall operations.
Proposed Framework and Fact Sheet
Gas STAR Gold Program: Proposed Framework

Download the Gas STAR Gold Program: Proposed Framework (PDF) (17 pp, 471K, About PDF)

Gas STAR Gold Program fact sheet

Download a fact sheet about the proposed Gas STAR Gold Program (PDF) (2 pp, 553K, About PDF)

Program Schedule

Collection of stakeholder feedback
Stakeholder meetings upon request

Charter Partner Sign-up
Formal Launch of Gas STAR Gold Program

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Natural Gas STAR

EPA plans to continue the core Natural Gas STAR Program and will continue to work with our Natural Gas STAR Partners to achieve methane emission reductions.

Visit the Natural Gas STAR site

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